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Scoring Ms. Costa-Jackson for this production was a real coup for this company. A genuine triple threat, she’s an astoundingly accomplished vocalist and an extraordinary stage actress. And if that’s not enough, she can also dance with the greatest of ease.

The great majority of opera heroines are sopranos. But Carmen is a classic role for the deeper, more sultry mezzo-soprano voice. Deep and sultry Ms. Costa-Jackson’s voice most certainly is, full of smoke in the lower range but crackling with passion and fire as the range ascends. From her first appearance on stage, her Carmen dominates the proceedings from beginning to tragic end.

Washington City Paper

So it takes a terrific mezzo to make any Carmen memorable. Fortunately the Virginia Opera has one, Ginger Costa-Jackson, who seems to have done this 50 times before—and, apparently, she has. Besides an appropriately deep register and beautiful, smoky intonation, she has acting chops too, embodying love, rage, playfulness, and an exaggerated bravado-masking-fear, all with an intense gaze and a wolf’s grin.

There simply is no other Carmen than Ginger Costa-Jackson. There is none that I've ever seen that fully encapsulates the character like she does.

Letter V: The Virginia Classical Music Blog

"Ginger Costa-Jackson, the mezzo-soprano in the title role of Virginia Opera’s current production of Bizet’s 'Carmen,' has the dusky brilliance of voice and sinewy physicality that audiences crave in a Carmen."

The Washington Post

"Mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson, who came out of the Metropolitan Opera’s young artist program in 2012, cut a sexy figure in the title role. She gave every ounce of volume from her voice, from molten low notes to some pointed high ones..."

DC Metro Theater Arts

The sultry Carmen is embodied with almost alarming likeness by the talented Mezzo-Soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson, making her main stage debut in this production. Fiery hardly begins to describe the volatile Carmen, who, as a notorious seductress, brazenly spreads and slaps her thighs while laughing at the besotted men hanging on to her every word. Ms. Costa-Jackson commands the attention of the audience as successfully as Carmen does the men surrounding her. Entering with the famous and provocative “Habanera” in Act I, Ms. Cost-Jackson’s mezzo voice is deep, powerful, and altogether perfect for expressing Carmen’s opinions about lust and love in the willful piece.
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Virginia Opera and Cox 11 posted a behind the scenes video today. It features Ginger Costa-Jackson and the cast of Carmen. The show opens Friday, 21 March 2014, and marks Ginger's debut with the company.
Photos courtesy Virginia Opera, credit: David David A. Beloff. See more HERE.

More about virginia opera's production:

Marina Costa-Jackson in AVA's 2012 Jubilate. Photo by Donato Valentino.
Tonight Marina performed in the first in a series of AVA concerts entitled Jubilate! A Concert of Sacred Music. There will be two more performances, and a radio broadcast. (Click here for AVA's information page.)

March 15, 2014 · 7:30 pm · St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill
March 16, 2014 · 7:00 pm · The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse Square
WRTI 90.1 FM Broadcast on March 23 · 3 pm EDT
Bizet's popular masterpiece comes to Virginia (March-April 2014).
Sultry mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson makes her mainstage debut as opera’s most notorious vixen while Dinyar Vania and Ryan Kuster fight for her affections on stage as the smitten solider and his bullfighting rival. Virginia Opera presents Carmen in Norfolk • Mar 21, 23 & 25; Virginia Beach • Mar 28 & 29; Richmond • Apr 4 & 6; Fairfax • Apr 11 & 13. More here: Virgina Opera Website.

When do we get to hear more Broadway music, Ginger? Your Cat - El gato con botas (Gotham Chamber Opera, 2010) was far too long ago! We loved this prizewinning bit from the Lotte Lenya Competition (2013).
Miriam Costa-Jackson sings Gilda's aria from Rigoletto by Verdi. Larry Gee is the pianist.

Gilda contemplates her love for "Gualtier Maldè," (the philandering Duke in disguise).

Caro Nome Lyrics and Translation
Italian Text

Caro nome che il mio cor
festi primo palpitar,
le delizie dell'amor
mi dêi sempre rammentar!
Col pensiero il mio desir
a te ognora volerà,
e pur l' ultimo sospir,
caro nome, tuo sarà.

English Translation

Sweet name, you who made my heart
throb for the first time,
you must always remind me
the pleasures of love!
My desire will fly to you
on the wings of thought
and my last breath
will be yours, my beloved.

Translation by Guia K. Monti (
Marina sings Amelia's aria from Verdi's Un ballo in maschera. Photos by Paul Sirochman, the Academy of Vocal Arts. A sampling of Marina's Ballo reviews may be found on and Huffington Post.

Amelia pleads with her husband Renato. His lethal anger has been aroused by the suspicion that she betrayed him with King Gustavo. She says she is willing to die, if only she can first bid her son farewell.

Italian lyrics:

Morró, ma prima in grazia,  
Deh! mi consenti almeno
L'unico figlio mio
Avvincere al mio seno.
E se alla moglie nieghi
Quest'ultimo favor,
Non rifiutarlo ai prieghi
Del mio materno cor.
Morrò, ma queste viscere
Consolino i suoi baci,
Or che l'estrema è giunta
Dell'ore mie fugaci.
Spenta per man del padre,
La man ei stenderà
Sugli occhi d'una madre
Che mai più non vedrà!

English translation (
I will die, but first in mercy, please allow me at least
to clasp my only child to my breast.
And if you deny this last favor to me as your wife,
do not refuse it to the prayers of a mother's heart.
I will die, but let his kisses console this heart,
now that the last of my fleeting hours has come.
When she is dead by his father's hand, he will stretch his hand
over the eyes of a mother who will never see him again!
A first excerpt from the 31 January 2014 Costa-Jackson Sisters Concert. "Like," "Tweet," or "Bookmark" us for more. Ginger sings Rossini's "La Danza" here.


    Emilia Costa married Walt Jackson in 1985. They are the proud parents of Ginger, Marina, and Miriam, and self-published Buonissimo! Delicious Italian Recipes. Stay tuned for our next recipe collection.


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